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Half of the holiday has passed, what have we been up to?* New project announcement* Other, not really important stuff

EDIT: source code for Quarter-Life released

EDIT 2: just lol...it's already over

First thing first, I'm pleased to announce our new project named Quarter-Life. I believe most of you might notice bit of a similarity (as for the name) with another project - Valve's Half-Life. So basically it is an FPS singleplayer game, more updates about storyline will be released later. We hope it will be at least half as good as Half-Life 1 which makes it exactly 1/4 of Half-Life awesomeness. We hope that we make it as quarterly as possible. The thing which needs to be remebered here is that the game will be made just for fun, don't look for anything serious in it. Since our total budget for this game is exactly 0 Euros, we obviously won't be able to hire professional artists so the graphics may look a bit (a lot) sloppy, the sound won't be that good either. In fact, this is my very first game (and the first game of everybody else in the team) so the code might (hopefully not) get a little bit messy. All in all, with all these obstacles I just mentioned, we will try our best to make a game which will be at least somehow enjoyable to play.

Now a little bit of technical stuff: I will be programming the game primarily for Linux. This doesn't mean it won't be ported to other platforms (planned are Mac OS X, and Windows) - all the libraries (which I'll list below) are cross-platform so no problem in here. It only means that the builds for the other platforms might be delayed. As you'll see, the libraries I'll be using are open-source so it'd be quite stupid if the game itself wouldn't be. The source code will be hosted on GitHub and I'll push the code there as soon as I have the basic (low-level if you will) stuff up and running.

* Ogre3D - rendering
* Bullet physics - physics and collision detection library
* OIS - input
* Recast - AI
* OpenAL/FMod - audio (haven't decided between the two. And also FMod isn't open-source but I'm willing to use it anyway)
* CEGUI - GUI system
* Boost - various libraries

For scripting we'll be using Python (yes, I do know about Lua), boost.python for its parsing.

This is how the game looks so far:

As you can see, not much. Just the rendering window, physics, camera, unfinished character controller.

The other, not important stuff. I wanted to make this a little longer but whatever... Long story short, in the beginning of the summer holidays my motherboard died and it was in the service for a whole month (THANKS GIGABYTE!!!...fuckers) so I've been working on the game for less than a week now...nothing else worth mentioning so that's it for now, I'll post more info hopefully soon.

EDIT: source code released

Just a quick update, I have just pushed Quarter-Life's source code to my github repository: https://github.com/gman0/Quarter-Life It's still in a very early stage!

EDIT 2: just lol...it's already over

The project has been shut down - the people who were supposed to be working with me didn't show any interest in making the actual game after a while sooo...yeah...fuck it.
One day I might come back and start again but for now that's it.

Posted by gman on Aug, 12th 2012 @ 22:48


2# posted by gman on Sep, 22nd 2012 @ 11:14
Thanks voyvf, I really appreciate it :) that will definetely come in handy.
1# posted by voyvf on Sep, 21st 2012 @ 22:46
I found your character controller tutorial quite instructive, so if it helps at all with development of your game, feel free to make use of any of the bindings here: https://bitbucket.org/jlsandell/python_ogre_bindings/src

I've wrapped a good number of Ogre, Bullet, and OIS classes/datastructures (as well as a bit of btOgre as helpers); admittedly, it's been a while so you might need to update a few definitions to match the version of the libraries that you're usin

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